April 17, 2008


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Doug Gray

King Felix is ridiculous. I really wish the Mariners were on ESPN more so I could catch him pitch more often. His talent and ability at that age.... well, its mind boggling.

Butch Baccala

King Felix as you call him is ridiculious. To think he is younger than Volquez and about the same age as Cueto makes him a word I don't ever use PHENOM.Thanks for the Post Doug.

Mike Davis

Great blogg Butch!

I was in Arizona for a meeting and I had the privalidge of meeting Mr. Bennett. He is every bit the gentlemen you described. He and I talked baseball a couple of times over breakfast in the hotel. What a thrill for a life long Reds fan.

I follow the Reds from Dayton all the way through Cincinnati. Great sites like Doug's and whatever else I can find are my links to staying on top of every possible detail. Living in NH makes it difficult, but thanks to MLB extra innings, XM radio and the internet, I get to enjoy many aspects that once were not available. I have not yet made it to GAB, but it's on my list for the not to distant future.

Are the Reds beating the bushes for a right handed bat or do you think they will standfast? That to me, is the biggest need.

Thanks for your great incite and information.


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